Cervinia in Italy

1-7/Feb/2015  Memories Cervinia in Italy   Japanese

1/Feb(Sun) Snow First greeting guy from Norway saying "tired" after skiing.
2/Feb(Mon) Sunny They went guided ski tour to Zermatt(Swiss), i skied alone.
3/Feb(Tue) Snow At breakfast, may i join you? OK!
Though it was promised for dinner, I couldn't meet by a mistake in time to establish it, but they have come to the same restaurant by chance.
4/Feb(Wed) Cloudy I sneaked into the guided ski tour to Valtournenche.
The T-bar was so long on the last way to Cervinia.
5/Feb(Thu) Cloudy We skied to Zermatt together over long distance.
6/Feb(Fri) Snow Without being absent from the long distance, Lars and i skied , it was very Fantastic and Wonderful!
7/Feb(Sat) Sunny Getting good weather but i had to move to Torino.
7/Feb(Sat),Torino Cloudy After Torino city tour i enjoyed Italian dishes.
8/Feb(Sun) Fog Depend on the first flight delay i could not get on to Nagoya, stuck at Frankfurt for 6 hours.
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Odd Arne Lindtveit & Anneli Norway Svelvik
Lars Ake & Gunn Sweden Stockholm
Janne & Marie Sweden Falun
Dave & Lillemor USA
Fumitaka Tajitsu Japan